International Launch Special Campaign

12 April 2021, 10:00 am

The Launch Special Campaign lasts for 6 Weeks Only from April 12 till May 21. During this period in cooperation with Memjet, we can offer a significant 20-25% discount on our list prices.

With our sales activities, we are working hard to provide the best deals to our distributor partners and customers. We are aware of the importance of building up a reputation with multiple reference sites where our machines work.

To make this process more convenient, we try to minimize the initial cost of installing our printers. Together with Memjet, we created a campaign pricing for this period: it is a significant 20-25% discount on our list prices. We can take orders with these conditions until May 21, 2021.

International Launch Special Campaign


We created three packages for our customers:

Package #1: Ophrys Iricolor Solo

This package contains one complete system. It can be suitable for customers who already see the advantage of using this inline envelope overprinter as an end-of-line solution for personalizing each mailpiece.

Package #2: Ophrys Iricolor Duo – Demo unit & First customer

This package contains one Demo unit & First customer unit.I is is suitable for those who first want to install a unit at a demo room or a reference site. We provide a delayed order option to minimize the initial investment and still fix the campaign price. 

Package #3: Ophrys Iricolor Multi

This package can be suitable for customers who have multiple inserters and consider upgrading them with our inline overprinter. With this investment cost, the ROI is significantly shorter.

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